Announcing the new Gladiator Force

Announcing the new Gladiator Force

Latest model from Crusader Caravans expected to be a top seller.

21st January 2022

Crusader Caravans, a leading Australian manufacturer of superior quality caravans, announced today the latest addition to their extensive range – the new Gladiator Force.

Just like a luxurious studio apartment on wheels, the new model features a toilet, shower, kitchen, fridge, flexible bedding (queen or two singles), seating, fridge, TV, microwave and so much more. Expertly crafted from the finest materials, this tough little off-road caravan has been designed to get off the beaten track.

The Gladiator Force is the sixth addition to the highly popular CRV product range. The innovative CRV range was specifically designed to fill a gap in the market for compact yet highly featured and affordable caravans. The compact CRV range includes many of the features found in larger caravans but is much more compact and easier to tow. This makes every caravan in the range the ideal solution for those new to caravanning, or for those who want a hassle-free caravan that can be hitched up and ready to go at the drop of a hat. As a result, the CRV range has become the most popular model range for Crusader Caravans.

Other CRV models include the Chameleon Action SV, Chameleon Liberty SV, Esperance, Gladiator and the Hurricane.

”People are amazed at what we’ve been able to fit inside our CRV models when they step inside”, said Founder and CEO of Crusader Caravans, Serge Valentino.

Speaking about why the Gladiator Force was created, Serge added “The new Gladiator Force is exactly what people have asked us for, we always listen and act on feedback. It’s just like our very popular Gladiator CRV but with more. You get two comfy seats and extra leg room in the bed. We’ve also added some of the most popular features of our top end Hurricane CRV model including a bigger TV, bigger fridge, bigger tunnel boot, gas heater, dust reduction system, and an upgraded electrical system.”

As per all new Crusader Caravans, the Gladiator Force is built using EcoLite™ full composite construction. This advanced method of caravan construction results in a superior quality caravan that’s stronger, lighter, and more likely to outlast all others.

The new Gladiator Force is available to order today. Demonstration models can be viewed at Crusader Caravan dealerships.

About Crusader Caravans

Crusader Caravans is a multi-award-winning Australian manufacturer of superior-quality caravans.

Crusader Caravans was first established in 2002 by Serge Valentino who has decades of hands-on caravan-building experience and an infectious passion for innovation. In 2016 Crusader Caravans partnered with Mawson Group to assist with strategy, capital, and management expertise. The partnership established a powerful combination of manufacturing prowess and astute management practices. Crusader Caravans have now firmly established itself as a leading supplier of exceptionally well-built caravans, and a financially robust brand caravan buyers can count on and trust.

The year 2022 marked a major milestone for the company with the opening of the new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. The new factory is the most advanced manufacturing plant in the Australian caravan industry.

The entire range of Crusader Caravan models is continuously refreshed in line with our intimate understanding of customer needs and the latest advancements in materials and manufacturing methods. All new Crusader Caravan models are 100% full composite making them stronger, lighter, and better insulated. The new factory has been purpose-built with the new model range in mind to deliver significant production efficiencies and quality improvements. The result is the consistent delivery of exceptional caravans of the finest quality.

Crusader Caravans continues to innovate through a wide array of new caravan models, cementing them as one of Australia’s most premiere caravan brands through grassroots leadership, and a passion for helping more Australians enjoy the ultimate adventure lifestyle. For more information on Crusader Caravans, please visit

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Announcing the new Gladiator Force

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