Freedom Camping or Caravan Parks

Freedom Camping or Caravan Parks

Independence. When you get right down to it, that’s what RV travel in Australia is really all about. And with so many different sights and stops along the way, it’s a good thing we’ve got so many different options for stopping overnight.

We are at Crusader Caravans to take a closer look at two very popular, but very different overnight destinations for RVers: freedom camping and holiday parks.

For a nominal fee, holiday parks across the country provide travellers access to power, water and laundry facilities all within a safe and secure area. Often located in attractive locations these parks can be exceptionally exciting locations for families travelling with young children.

For some however, that can be one of the drawbacks; especially during school holidays. Parks can easily become crowded and grow noisy so for many touring couples in search of more tranquil surrounds, freedom camping is a way to get away from it all; for a low cost.

Freedom camping turns any picturesque location you might encounter into a potential campsite, and unlike some parks that may not be pet friendly, most freedom campsites you’ll find welcome four-legged friends.

If you do plan on staying in a, remote location for any extended period of time it becomes very important to make sure that your RV is properly appointed, self-contained and prepared to settle in for the duration.

Without access to mains power, you’ll need to make sure that you’re travelling with enough power to keep you up and running for a few days at a time. Crusader Caravans generate their own power and can be fitted with a number of different power sources like solar panels, invertors and programmable generators so you’ll always have a variety of reliable energy options available wherever you go.

If there’s one other fundamental element you’ll always want to travel with a steady supply of, it’s water. With large, separate tanks for your fresh, grey and black water Crusader Caravans are built to carry water enough so that when you do find that perfect freedom camping location, you’ll be able stay there for as long as time allows.

So whether it’s a sprawling holiday park just off the main road or an outlying freedom camp well off the beaten track, Crusader Caravans are designed to help make the most out of your every RV adventure.

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Freedom Camping or Caravan Parks

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