The Role of the Caravan Dealer

The Role of the Caravan Dealer

Most new Caravans are sold to the public by professional RV dealers or are they?

Today we are going to explore the role of the dealer in the sales process and find out that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to a professional RV dealer network.

You may be surprised to know that some Caravan brands prefer to sell direct and not through a dealer network. This doesn’t mean you can get a better price on your purchase but it can mean that after the sale you can feel a bit like you are on your own.

To Crusader, the dealer network is there for customer support before, during and after the sale and the company puts in a lot of time training its dealers to the high standards that Crusader demands.

Crusader’s dealers are generally independent businesses that have to go through a rigorous process to become a Crusader Dealer, and a detailed dealership contract which sets out what dealers are obliged to do and what standards they are to uphold.

It is a costly exercise to be a dealer and like any business, for the investment they put in, there is an expectation of some financial return on that investment.

There is investment required in the buildings and display areas. Staff is a large investment, having the right people with the right skill set is a constant challenge and the cost of holding stock is enormous. Those of you who are or have been in business for yourself would really understand the challenges involved.

Crusader dealers are all full service dealers offering expertise in advising which caravan is right for you, service and repair expertise, finance and insurance, parts and accessories and often are good for a yarn.

Crusader assists its dealers in many ways especially in the amount of training provided both in the sales and aftersales areas.

Crusader caravans are designed by people who understand what you need while you are out on the road. In fact, Crusader has been building RV’s for around 20 years now and Crusader caravans have a reputation for quality and innovation.

Dealer staff must understand what it is that sets Crusader apart from the rest like the build quality, the chassis, the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedding, the storage and the appliances.

Crusader is very conscious of maintaining a positive reputation and know that often, they are the topic of conversation around numerous campfires where caravanners have congregated right around the country. Crusader tries hard to ensure those
conversations are very positive.

Crusader dealers are the same and they do try their best, with Crusader’s help to maintain a healthy relationship with all their customers.

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The Role of the Caravan Dealer

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