What makes Australian caravans the best?

What makes Australian caravans the best?

Some of the best caravans on the market are made right here in Australia – but we’re not just saying that because we’re proud Australians!

Caravaning in Australia is completely different than anywhere else in the world, so overseas manufacturers may not truly understand the needs of the Australian caravaner.

In this blog, we explain why qualified Australian manufacturers should be your go-to when purchasing a caravan.

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Australia’s rough conditions

Australian made and owned caravan manufacturers know this country and its camping spots like the back of their hand. They know better than anyone that roads can be rugged – in fact, the roads are among some of the most challenging in the world. Without a sturdy design, the caravan could be in for a rough, even dangerous ride.

Making the roads even more challenging? Australian weather conditions. From intense sunshine and harsh hail, the climate is completely different than anywhere else in the world. Both the interior and exterior of the caravan need special materials that can better protect it from the elements. Caravans in Australia must be well insulated to avoid leaks and costly repairs from water damage. Qualified Australian manufacturers will have knowledge and access to the proper insulation materials.

Australia’s unique engineering and materials

Leading caravan manufacturers do not just design caravans, they engineer them. This is how you can begin to differentiate the best of the best Australian manufacturers as well as the brands from overseas.

Engineers in Australia also have access to the better quality materials, more suited to Australian conditions. Australian steel, for example, is among the best steel in the world and it’s perfect for fortifying caravans. Australian engineers will have a better understanding of what is required to fortify the caravan for optimal structural integrity. They will know how to identify weak points and calculate how the load is distributed so the caravan can handle bumpy Australian roads.

Having a local manufacturer can also be handy when it comes to designing the interior of the caravan. There is a huge variation in the quality of furniture in caravans which can cause issues on rough roads – you don’t want cabinets popping up when you drive over bumps and potholes. Qualified engineers working in unison with interior designers can help you avoid this.

A final perk: When dealing with a local manufacturer, you can even visit the factory to see how the caravans are made.

Australian certifications

The best caravans in Australia must pass a rigorous accreditation process conducted by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

The Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Accreditation Program (RVMAP) inspects:

  • Product engineer, design and construction;
  • Critical safety components;
  • Gas and plumbing installations; and
  • Electrical installations.

To receive the accreditation, the caravan manufacturer must comply with all of the Australian Design Rules as well as the caravan related state and territory legislation. However, the RVMAP is voluntary, so some brands do not opt to have their caravans inspected.

If a caravan has passed its inspection, it will have the RVMAP logo on the outside of the caravan.

To learn the ins and outs of caravaning in Australia, check out our buyers guide – it’s a great overview of how to buy a caravan. It’s packed with advice from fellow caravaners, a glossary of common caravaning terms and checklist to help you find your perfect caravan. Download the guide here.

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What makes Australian caravans the best?

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