How to pack your caravan

How to pack your caravan

Getting caught up in the excitement of your next Caravan adventure is easy but it’s important to remember that proper planning is an essential step in the trip preparation process.

We are here today at Crusader Caravans with a couple of helpful tips on how to pack your Caravan so that you’re able to safely travel with everything you want, without being weighed down by stuff you don’t need.


The key considerations when planning what you should take on your journey is weight and convenience and you should try and leave behind all those “just in case” items.

Caravans are engineered to be very safe on the road and offer more than adequate storage but if you overload them, not only is this illegal and can make the Caravan unstable but by taking too much, things can get in the way of the stuff you want to get too and can be very annoying.

Let’s start with the wardrobe. The Caravan lifestyle is very relaxed and really you don’t need a lot of clothing, mainly casual wear and perhaps a couple of smart casual outfits for those special nights out.

But it’s also important to be mindful of what you bring, not just how much. By packing clothes that can mix and match and don’t requiring ironing, you’ll save on space and you can leave the ironing board at home.

Whether your plans include stopping at Caravan parks or freedom camping sites, chances are you’ll be making some new friends along the way. So, even though you may be expecting guests for Happy Hour or a cook-up, don’t worry about packing lots of spare crockery or cutlery.

Most Caravaners you’ll meet as you go will have their own, and should be more than happy to bring it along – especially if you’re providing the food and drink.


On the road, food is readily available, so bulk shopping is unnecessary. One good idea is to purchase a vacuum sealer to preserve fresh food longer and allow you to store more in the fridge.

Picking up some dispensers for your soap, shampoo and conditioner is another way to keep things on-board neat and organised while cutting back on the amount of clutter in your bathroom cabinets.

Exceeding your Caravan’s ATM weight is a dangerous way to travel and illegal but by cutting down on the amount of unnecessary gear in your boot and streamlining the essentials, you’ll have more room and load capacity to spare on the fun kind of extras that turn ordinary trips into extraordinary adventures.

By bringing a small, simple tool kit like this along -as opposed to packing up your entire garage – it’ll give you fishos room for your rods and tackle, the adventurous type can bring all their favourite hiking gear, or if you’re just after some rest and relaxation, now there’s room for your BBQ, camp chairs and picnic tables.


By exercising a bit of common sense and remembering a few general guidelines like: always storing heavier items low down and lightweight belongings up on higher shelves, you’re on your way to making the best and safest use of the ample storage space provided on a Caravan but remember, try and balance the load evenly throughout the Caravan.

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How to pack your caravan

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