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Crusader Caravans is proud to be a major sponsor of the LifeChanger Foundation

Thank you to Scott Watters, Founder and CEO of the LifeChanger Foundation, for sending such a special video message to our team.

(Video uploaded on 12/10/2021).

About LifeChanger Foundation

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LifeChanger is a preventative mental health and wellbeing non-profit that empowers young people to live thriving, resilient lives.

LifeChanger believes that many of the confronting challenges and alarming statistics that face today’s youth are preventable through preemptive, early intervention programs that build self-esteem, self-awareness, positive self-identity and resilience. LifeChangers evidence based programs, expert facilitation and trained community mentors develop young people with the emotional and social skills to live thriving, resilient lives.

Helping to connect and support young people and families throughout Australia, is a crucial piece of who we are as a company and as a brand. After supporting the LifeChanger Foundation for many years, our team at Crusader feel very honoured to be a part of the foundation’s growth.

* LifeChanger Foundation is a registered Australian DGR Tier 1 not-for-profit charity.

(Video uploaded on 12/10/2021).

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Our Involvement


LifeChanger Caravan Giveaway

Each year we work with the LifeChanger Foundation and donate a caravan to help them raise funds to support their programs.

Karla Gilbert, LifeChanger ambassador and Australian sports superstar, surprised a lucky family in QLD during the most recent caravan hand over.

(Video uploaded on 09/11/2021). 

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Live’s of Purpose, Performance & Connection

In partnership with the LifeChanger Foundation, we are proud to present a series of ‘Lives of Purpose, Performance and Connection’ webinars for all staff, families and the Crusader Caravans Owners member’s network.

These workshops will provide them with the opportunity to develop a positive mindset and empower them to live their best life.

The first webinar is scheduled for the last quarter of 2021.


KMS4KIDS Virtual Challenge

The LifeChanger KMS4KIDS Virtual Challenge encourages you to get active and clock up the KM’s for the support and wellbeing of today’s youth.

As strong supporters, Crusader Caravans staff, families, and community relish in joining the challenge each year to raise awareness and funds to support LifeChanger programs and Australian teenagers.

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KMS4KIDS Challenge Giveaway

As major sponsors of the KMS4KIDS Virtual Challenge in 2020, Crusader Caravans raised awareness for the competition by giving away a LifeChanger caravan.

This caravan was especially built for the LifeChanger Foundation KMS4KIDS Virtual Challenge and it has provided the winner with lots of adventures.

(Video uploaded on 12/10/2021). 

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Variety Bash

Variety Bash is the largest and longest running motoring charity event, raising money to assist kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have additional needs to live, laugh and learn.

Crusader Caravans have supported the Lifechanger team with a CRV Gladiator to help them travel safely and comfortably on the road. 

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Crusader Caravans proudly supporting the LifeChanger Foundation

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