Crusader Caravans Named 2024 Caravan Manufacturer of the Year

Crusader Caravans has won the 2024 Caravan Industry Victoria (CIV) award for Excellence in Caravan and RV Manufacturing. This prestigious accolade, the highest honour in the Australian caravan industry, recognizes Crusader Caravans’ as the 2024 Manufacturer of the Year.

Industry-Leading Excellence

The award highlights Crusader Caravans’ unwavering commitment to building high-quality caravans for Australians. A panel of industry experts from CIV conducted a comprehensive review of all entrants, including finalists Jayco Corporation, New Age Caravans, and Nova Caravans, before selecting Crusader Caravans for this top honour.

This is the third time Crusader Caravans has received this esteemed award, with previous wins in 2019 and 2021. The recognition underscores the company’s continuous dedication to innovation and superior quality in the caravan industry

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

The 2024 Caravan Manufacturer of the Year award reflects Crusader Caravans’ dedication to excellence across all facets of caravan manufacturing, from design and innovation to quality and customer service. Crusader’s state-of-the-art facilities and EcoLite composite materials result in stronger, lighter, and superior caravans compared to traditional models.

Trusted for the Long Haul

With a rich history and a focus on longevity, Crusader Caravans is a reliable partner for years to come, providing exceptional sales, support, and after-sales service through a nationwide dealer network.

Exceptional Customer Service

Crusader Caravans, along with its dealer network, is committed to providing exceptional customer service. This dedication ensures that customers receive the best possible support throughout their ownership experience.

Strengthening Leadership

This award further solidifies Crusader Caravans’ position as a leader in caravan manufacturing. The recognition signifies the company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

A Proud Moment

This award is a proud moment in Crusader Caravans’ history and reflects the company’s commitment to continuous improvement. The recognition is a testament to the efforts of Crusader Caravans’ staff, dealer network, suppliers, and loyal customers. The company has transformed from a humble family-run business into one of Australia’s leading caravan manufacturers, helping people live their best lives in the caravan of their dreams.

Award Criteria

The Business Excellence Awards recognize outstanding business practices across all industry sectors. The comprehensive assessment included manufacturing materials and methods, operations, sales, marketing, and support. Crusader Caravans excelled in all aspects.

Specific criteria included:

  • Excellence in Caravan & RV Manufacturing: Production line processes, construction methods, and components.
  • Nature of the Business: Products and services offered.
  • Business Background: History and progression.
  • Business Growth: Revenue, production, staff, and sales.
  • Business Reviews: Consumer feedback.
  • Innovation and Change: New or first-to-market products or services.
  • Sales & Customer Service: Customer management and product order processes.
  • Staff & People: Staff management and development.
  • Warranty: Warranty management systems and processes.
  • Quality: Quality management and processes.
  • Workplace Health & Safety: Safety systems and processes.
  • Marketing: Promotion of products or services.
  • Facilities: Functionality, amenities, and presentation.

Crusader Caravans’ superior performance in these areas has earned them the top accolade, marking them as a benchmark for excellence in the industry.

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