How to select the best family caravan

How to select the best family caravan

What could be better than a road trip to some of Australia’s most iconic destinations with the family caravan? Nothing! It’s a great way to spend quality time with the family making memories that will last a lifetime.

Here’s a question we get all the time with first-time caravanners: How do you determine the best family caravan?

The answer? It all depends on your family! Here are five questions that you should ask to make sure you select the right caravan for your family.

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Question 1: Are you a family of quiet campers or tough adventurers?

There are three main types of caravans: touring, semi off-road and full off-road. Touring caravans are ideal for those who will stick to main roads and caravan parks. Semi off-road caravans can handle a bit more grit and full off-road caravans will get you to more remote destinations.

The size of your caravan will also depend on your towing vehicle capacity. Your loaded caravan cannot be heavier than the maximum towing capacity otherwise you could face fines and you will not be covered by insurance in event of an accident.

Question 2: What safety features should I look for?

We recommend you purchase your caravan from a larger manufacturer as they tend to have qualified engineers designing the caravans. You should always purchase from a RVMAP accredited caravan dealer and manufacturer. This means the caravan manufacturer complies with Australian Design rules and relevant local legislation. If it is accredited, the RVMAP logo will be on the outside of the caravan.

Question 3: How many people are you sleeping?

Here’s an easy question – how big is your family? The number of people you have in tow will be the difference between a family caravan with 2-3 bunks and ensuite and a caravan with a full-size bed and a toilet. Some younger kids might not mind sharing a bed or sleeping on a fold-out bed, but teenagers might get grumpy without their own space.

Question 4: What comforts of home do you need?

Will you require a family caravan with bunks, shower and toilet, or will you be able to go with a bit less? If you’re parked up at a caravan park you’ll be able to use the facilities so your ensuite might not need to be as big. But if you’re journeying off the beaten path it might pay to have a decent ensuite setup.

Question 5: How much storage will you need?

If you have a big family you’ll need to consider a caravan with ample storage space – unless you want to pack light! Seats and beds typically lift to reveal more storage and that way you can also bring some extra supplies or games to keep everyone occupied while travelling.

Are you ready to make memories in your family caravan? Check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide to find the caravan that’s best suited for your family. Download the guide here.

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How to select the best family caravan

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