Due to popular demand, two new models have just been announced by Crusader Caravans

Due to popular demand, two new models have just been announced by Crusader Caravans

The new Musketeer Centaur and Musketeer Camelot are available to order now.

29 June 2023

Crusader Caravans, a leading Australian manufacturer of superior quality caravans, announced today two new additions to their stylish Musketeer range – the Musketeer Camelot and the Musketeer Centaur. Both caravans are in direct response to customer demand.

Speaking today about the new models Serge Valentino, Founder and Managing Director of Crusader Caravans said, “If I was asked to give the number one reason why we’re now one of Australia’s leading caravan manufacturers, I would have to say it’s simple: we are committed on building high-quality caravans that provide comfort, durability, and innovative features. This is because we listen to our customers, and we re-imagine new possibilities.”

The new Musketeer Camelot is expected to appeal to those looking for a high-end single-axle caravan with a smart interior layout. The café dinette lounge means you can relax and dine in style. The clever internal configuration puts maximum distance between the door and the queen bed for extra privacy. The island bed layout means you can easily get in and out of the bed without having to climb over anyone.

The new Musketeer Centaur is expected to be well received by those looking for a tandem caravan that’s within the 19” series length. This caravan offers an open plan spacious feel, plenty of kitchen bench space and a variety of seating options. The default seating configuration in the Musketeer Centaur is a Club Lounge. Customers can opt instead for L-shaped seating, Cafe Dinette seating, or the ever-popular Recliners.

Speaking further at the launch this week Serge added, I am super proud of the job our in-house engineers and interior designers have done. The result is a stunning looking caravan inside and out.”

As per all new Crusader Caravans, the two new Musketeer models are of exceptional build quality thanks to EcoLite™ full composite construction. This advanced method of caravan construction results in a superior quality caravan that are stronger, lighter, and better insulated than traditionally built vans.

Both new model caravans will be built in Crusader’s new state-of-the-art factory in Epping Victoria. The new facility is the most advanced manufacturing plant in the Australian caravan industry.

The Musketeer range by Crusader Caravans is all about style, comfort and exceptional build quality. The spacious feeling of all Musketeer models is further enhanced by the large windows, a myriad of bright remote controlled LED lighting and overhigh 80” ceilings.

The addition of the new Musketeer Camelot and Musketeer Centaur takes the Musketeer range to a total of eight different models to choose from. Other Musketeer models in the range include the Musketeer Porthos, Musketeer Warrior, Musketeer Aramis, Musketeer Recliner, Musketeer Treville, and the Musketeer Palace.

The new Musketeer Camelot and Musketeer Centaur are available to order today. Visit the Crusader Caravans web site for more information including a video walk-through and a virtual tour of each model.


About Crusader Caravans

Crusader Caravans is a multi-award-winning Australian manufacturer of superior-quality caravans.

Crusader Caravans was first established in 2002 by Serge Valentino who has decades of hands-on caravan-building experience and an infectious passion for innovation. In 2016 Crusader Caravans partnered with Mawson Group to assist with strategy, capital, and management expertise. The partnership established a powerful combination of manufacturing prowess and astute management practices. Crusader Caravans have now firmly established itself as a leading supplier of exceptionally well-built caravans, and a financially robust brand caravan buyers can count on and trust.

The year 2022 marked a major milestone for the company with the opening of the new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. The new factory is the most advanced manufacturing plant in the Australian caravan industry. The new factory has been purpose-built to deliver significant production efficiencies and quality improvements. The result is the consistent delivery of exceptional caravans of the finest quality. 

The entire range of Crusader Caravan models is continuously refreshed in line with an intimate understanding of customer needs and the latest advancements in materials and manufacturing methods. All new Crusader Caravan models are made using EcoLite™ high-quality composite construction making them stronger, lighter and better insulated than traditionally built vans.

Crusader Caravans continues to innovate through a wide array of new caravan models, cementing them as one of Australia’s most premier caravan brands. At the core of the business is grassroots leadership and a passion for helping more Australians enjoy the ultimate adventure lifestyle. For more information on Crusader Caravans, please visit  

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Due to popular demand, two new models have just been announced by Crusader Caravans

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