Earning while you travel

Earning while you travel

Why would you want to work when out on the road in a caravan? For some it’s an opportunity to practice skills and vary their lifestyle routine, for others its simply a way of stretching the finances further. We are here to take the guess work out of, well, work!


There is a myriad of jobs out there for nomads young and old, and the best news is, there really is something for everyone. What’s really great about earning on the road is that finding a job that interests you isn’t all that hard, either.

Websites like www.workaboutaustralia.com.au are great places to start as they’ve been set up especially for travellers looking for seasonal, part-time and causal work.

With an estimated 750,000 jobs on offer at any given time, there’s guaranteed to be one for you. From house-sitting in a tropical paradise to administrative roles way outback, if you can imagine it, it probably exists!

Apart from websites, your next best bets are having a poke about any towns or communities you could see yourself setting up camp at for an extended stay. Community notice boards and information centres are goldmines and will often yield fast results.

Let’s not forget the best source of information out there – the Bush Telegraph or the campfire. Word-of-mouth has resulted in thousands of great jobs right across Australia.


And if you are not keen on working for someone else, why not join the show circuit, there are hundreds of shows, markets, festivals and fairs all around the country and with some product and a little flair, who knows, the money may start flowing in.


Don’t forget about the concept of online shops like Ebay. The beauty of these is that others hold the stock and you can promote your wares, get the sale and the warehouse will send out the goods… and on the road you can generally access a good internet service usually by way of your own dongle.


Okay, so you’ve found a great job on the road, but how do you actually land it? There are a few things you can do to really improve your chances and ensure you’re able to park your Crusader in your dream location for longer periods.

Make sure you have copies of an updated resume ready to go at a moment’s notice and get police and any necessary health checks done so you can say to any prospective employer that you’re fit and raring to go.


We don’t see earning while travelling as a chore. Instead we see it as an unrivalled opportunity to allow us to stay on the road longer in your Crusader Caravan, meet many amazing people and experience more unforgettable things than most are ever able to fit into one lifetime.

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Earning while you travel

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