Keeping fit on the road

Keeping fit on the road

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you get to take a vacation from living right and exercise. If anything, extended trips in a Caravan actually provide plenty of great opportunities to get out there and get active.

We are at Crusader Caravans to share a couple of favourite ways to have fun and keep fit out there on the open road.


Travel like this puts you in complete control of your diet. By packing along only healthy foods and picking up fresh local fruit and veg as you go, you’re already on the fast track to healthier living on the road.

Every Crusader Caravan has a comprehensively equipped kitchen with large refrigerators to store all your fresh food and to cook up a fresh food treat. It is important to always stay hydrated and your Crusader Caravan has large fresh water tanks so you will always be travelling with an ample supply of fresh and healthy drinking water.

The traditional Caravan happy hour is a friendly social event that should not be missed but you need to ensure that snacks and alcohol are consumed in moderation.


The great thing about hitting the road in an Crusader Caravan is that there is heaps of storage space that allows you to bring along the kind of leisure and sporting items you fancy the most, because staying active and getting exercise doesn’t feel like such hard work when you’re just doing the things you love anyway.

When you set up your Crusader in a legal freedom camping site or holiday park, why not get in the practice of going for a morning or evening walk, you can bring along push-bikes to help you get around camp and familiarise yourself with the new surroundings; and little things like parking just a little further away from the centre of town will help to keep you moving while packing along light weights or dumbells can help to keep your muscles toned.


Depending on where you’re heading, you’ll discover all kinds of different physical activities to engage in and may even accidentally discover a new favourite hobby along the way.

Bushwalking, golf, tennis and kayaking are just a few of the activities you can enjoy when criss-crossing Australia, and with a caravan from Crusader, you’ll have the space to pack along the gear and equipment required to enjoy them.

Many Caravaners travel with a dog and dogs love and need to walk, it’s a fantastic way of keeping yourself fit as well as providing company.


This is your journey and you should be free to live it exactly the way you feel, but you also want to be sure that you’re as healthy and fit so you can get the most enjoyment out of life as possible. By eating right, travelling smart and staying active you’ll be able to enjoy adventure after exciting adventure for years to come.

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Keeping fit on the road

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