The Social Side of Caravanning

The Social Side of Caravanning

Many of the people who spend time on the road say that they know more people out there than they do in their own street.

Today we are going to explore how the caravanning lifestyle can increase your circle of acquaintances almost overnight. To understand the social side of the caravan lifestyle, let’s have a look at what the caravan lifestyle is all about.

Australia is such a wonderful place. There are so many beautiful places to explore if you have the time. But Australia is also a huge place so the best way to see it is in a Caravan.

Every Crusader Caravan is built tough enough to take on the rugged Australian outback. In fact, Crusader lay claim to building the strongest caravans in Australia today given their composite one-piece roof and floor construction. This Crusader is designed by people who understand Australia. In fact, Crusader has been building caravans for around 20 years, so they know what they are doing.

A luxury bathroom with a hot and cold shower and flushing loo is a must, and let’s not forget the gourmet kitchen, comfy beds and there is loads of storage both inside and out for all those things you need on the way.

Because Australia is so large, it takes time to get places and more people are giving up the stress of everyday life and setting out on the road. So when you finally take the plunge and get into the caravan lifestyle, the first thing you are guaranteed to do is meet people.

Caravanners are generally a relaxed lot with a friendly smile and great conversation.

Each night you may opt for the local caravan park or decide that freedom camping is more your thing, either way, there will be likeminded people in their caravan and often you will be invited to “happy hour” at one of the caravan’s.

The beauty of caravanning is that it can be very social if you are that way inclined or should you just seek solitude at times, caravanners are conscious of that too and will give you space without judgement.

Another great way to meet people on the road is to join one of caravan clubs that exist in Australia and attend their many and regular get togethers..

Caravanners love to help and if you are a little bit handy, a good way of getting to know people is to volunteer for projects in small country towns, they can always use your help in repairing the old town hall or the maintaining local park, and in return, free accommodation is often available as well as a refreshingly cold beer. So today, as you sit in your camp chair, gazing out to the setting sun over Australia’s outback, enjoying a drink with likeminded friends, you wonder why you didn’t do this years before.

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The Social Side of Caravanning

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